4th Annual Cyber Security Summit

8 - 9 September 2021 | Vienna / Online

In such a volatile, rapidly developing world of new technologies, cyber security is among the top priorities for each company serving as a shield wall from different internal and external threats. With the acceleration of digitalisation, the cyber threats and attacks acquired even more dangerous features. COVID-19 has changed the rules for cyber security activities when working from home became the new normal. What are the key priorities for cyber security professionals to be ready for the constant waves of new cybersecurity? What are the best strategies to overcome the current inevitable threats in cyber security? How to achieve harmony in data analytics and cyber security? Join us at our interactive cyber security summit to get all the questions answered.

Hot topics that will be discussed at this annual

  • Creating a culture of cyber security in your organisation
  • How is COVID-19 affecting the activity of cyber security department: Ways of adaptation
  • The best practices in detecting and stopping synthetic identity fraud
  • How to protect yourself while using insufficiently secured personal devices and home routers: What are the most successful strategies?
  • Data, analytics and cyber security: How to achieve harmony?
  • The potential of Zero Trust security model in strict identity verification process
  • The role of Cloud services in remote worker security policy
  • Ways to make your business 5G-ready





The Role of Zero Trust Security Model in Cyber Security

In most modern enterprise environments, corporate networks consist of multiple interconnected segments, cloud-based services and infrastructure, connections to remote and mobile environments, and increasingly, connections to non-conventional IT, such as IoT devices. The traditional approach of trusting devices within a perceived corporate perimeter, or devices connected to it via VPN, makes less sense in such highly diverse and distributed environments. The zero trust approach advocates mutual authentication, including checking the identity and integrity of devices irrespective of location, and providing access to applications and services based on the confidence of device identity and device health in combination with user authentication. The main concept behind zero trust is that devices should not be trusted by default, even if they are connected to a managed corporate network such as the corporate LAN and even if they were previously verified.

• What is Zero Trust?
• How can it benefit organisations?
• What are some best practice implementations?
• What are the key points gotcha’s?

Steven BROWN

Director, Cyber Security


The Eye of the Cyber” with Mastercard

As we seek to protect our digital ecosystem and operational integrity from the cyber attacks and data breaches, organised criminal groups and nation states continue to perform targeted and persistent reconnaissance against our network. Recent events have demonstrated the critical nature of third-party compromise and how we must improve our third-party risk management, increase our cyber resilience and proactively address those vulnerabilities that exist, in order to secure out networks.

• Safeguarding an evolving ecosystem goes beyond protecting the transaction
• Identification, Automation, Prioritisation & Mitigation
• Cyber Resilience superseding Cyber Security

Istvan RAGO

Head of Digital Security


How COVID-19 Changed Trends and Methods of Cyber Fraud in Online Banking

Customers of online banking solutions have always been in the focus of fraudsters. COVID-19 has fundamentally changed life and criminals also adjusted methods and tools they use in order to maximise their financial gain.

• Pre-COVID cyber fraud landscape
• Methods for deception
• Techniques used for the actual fraud
• Possible approaches for defence

Alberto Sempere BLANCO

Cyber Security P&S Director


From Cloud Security to Cloud Ready Security

Understanding how moving to the cloud requires much more than just acquiring the new solutions in the market around Cloud security (CSPM, CWPP, CASB, etc.). Most of the activities need to be reconsidered and revamped to work as consistently as possible in the new hybrid environments.

• What areas of the security activity need to be review
• The need of a Cloud security
• How to collaborate with the rest of the organisation on the trip to the cloud


Head of Data Security


Data Protection in The New Era – Effective Approach

The new era of cloud, Microservices architecture, and distributed data stores, brings a different security risk which is more challenging to mitigate, mainly at scale – at least from a practical standpoint. In this session, we will review the data security challenges in the new era, potential risk mitigation strategies and tactics, and how to approach it effectively.

• Short historical review
• Data dimensions
• Key data security challenges in cloud
• Data security tactics and techniques
• Conclusions

Great event, very interactive. I liked the quality of presentations and interactions with participants

CTO Identity & Access Management at IBM

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