5th Annual Cyber Security Summit

7 – 8 September 2022 | Berlin

Due to the complexity, both in terms of political usage and technology, cybersecurity is one of the most significant challenges in the contemporary world. With information flowing through boundaries of different legal systems connected to various networks around the globe, there is a growing need to protect data. Are you sure you are not the next cybercriminal’s aim? How to turn to new security strategies to reduce risks? Join us to have your questions answered!

The 5th Annual Cyber Security Summit has been designed to highlight the most considerable cyber security topics, such as the current stage of zero trust architecture, cyber insights on supply chain attacks, remote and hybrid work issues, the pandemic era in the cyber security sector, the integration and latest trends along 2022 predictions.

At this interactive business conference C-level experts will provide you with key strategies on how to reduce the risk of cyberattacks and protect yourself against unauthorised exploitation of systems, networks and technologies. Do not miss the chance to hear from top players from leading banks, telecoms, airlines, hotels, retailers and other cross-industry companies.

The Cyber Security Summit will provide you with great opportunities to gain valuable experience, inspiration and insights from top leaders. Also, you will benefit from networking with C-level experts and establishing important business contacts.

Hottest topics that will be discussed this annual

  • New Tech Trends that Will Impact 2022
  • Cyber Insights on Supply Chain Attacks
  • In Zero We Trust. The Current Stage
  • Possibilities and Benefits of 5G
  • The Integration of AI In Cybersecurity: New Insights
  • Remote and Hybrid Work. Solutions to Stay Secure
  • A Pandemic Era that Is Impacting the Cyber Security Sector
  • 2022 Predictions: New View on Cybersecurity Skills



CISO Digital Industries


Zero Trust Adoption with IT and OT Converging

The presentation explains Zero Trust principles and provides first-hand experience of implementation in IT and OT.

• Zero Trust principles
• How to slice the adoption
• Experience on how to implement Zero Trust in environments with legacy application and devices in IT and OT
• Outlook



National Security Officer


Hack Your Mind – Better Security by Understanding People

Another day, another breach. It sometimes looks like we are trapped in a cybersecurity hamster wheel... Those pesky users must have clicked on a phishing link again. In this session, we make the claim for a more human-focused, empathetic security organisation. Simpler security, designed and executed by a customer-obsessed team to show that usability and security are not opposites but actually two sides of the same coin. So, no more security awareness for people, but people awareness for security!

• Examples of bad design and good design (outside of security)
• What makes something usable? That's all well and good - but isn't our field special (spoiler: it's not)?
• Let's explore 3 different security scenarios from beginning to end and see how we can improve them (in every aspect - so not just technology)
1. Logging in
2. Dealing with phishing and potentially malicious websites
3. Sending sensitive information (scenarios might still change)

Guglielmo IOZZIA

Associate Director – Data Science, ML/AI, Computer Vision


The Dark Side of Deep Generative Models: Could CyberSecurity Ignore It?

Applications of Deep Learning Generative Models in diverse industries
are becoming a reality. While these neural networks have a great potential for good, they are also used to generate fake content (video, audio,
other) with malicious purposes. This presentation is about understanding the good and the evil sides of Generative Models, what’s the state-ofthe-art for them, which risks they add from a cyber-security standpoint
(and not only) and what mitigation (if any) is currently available for these
• Deep Learning Generative Models 101
• Real-life applications of Generative Models in diverse industries
• Risks associated with them
• Is there any risk mitigation available for deep fakes?

Nitesh KUMAR

RISK ORM - Global Head of Cyber and Payment Systems Risk, Controls Testing and Automation Center


Managing Skill Gap with Automation for Cyber Defence

There is an exponential increase in the demand for qualified resources to manage and defend the cyber risks.

• Identify Crown Jewels
• Understand The Process/Data Flow
• IT And Business Work Together in Identify Critical Asset
• Define Risk Appetite
• Third Party Dependency




Distributed Architecture & Trust for the Information Era

During this talk, Marc will address the Architecture Ecosystem that presents many challenges and many opportunities at organizational, industry and indeed societal level. This is the "Data Decade" and the complexity and dependency on systems to understand, communicate and intercommunicate with each other with trust is enormous. This talk will examine data, threats & trust as we scale workloads and services across the new “Cloud infra” ecosystem.

• Distributed Architecture
• Cyber and other threat posture
• Modern Analytics & Architecture
• The New Infrastructure "Cloud" Model

I liked the distribution, variety of the topics and the quality of the presentations.

– Group Chief Information Security Officer, Commerzbank

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