5th Annual Cyber Security Summit

7 – 9 September 2022 | Titanic Chaussee Berlin

Due to the complexity, both in terms of political usage and technology, cybersecurity is one of the most significant challenges in the contemporary world. With information flowing through boundaries of different legal systems connected to various networks around the globe, there is a growing need to protect data. Are you sure you are not the next cybercriminal’s aim? How to turn to new security strategies to reduce risks? Join us to have your questions answered!

The 5th Annual Cyber Security Summit has been designed to highlight the most considerable cyber security topics, such as the current stage of zero trust architecture, cyber insights on supply chain attacks, remote and hybrid work issues, the pandemic era in the cyber security sector, the integration and latest trends along 2022 predictions.

At this interactive business conference C-level experts will provide you with key strategies on how to reduce the risk of cyberattacks and protect yourself against unauthorised exploitation of systems, networks and technologies. Do not miss the chance to hear from top players from leading banks, telecoms, airlines, hotels, retailers and other cross-industry companies.

The Cyber Security Summit will provide you with great opportunities to gain valuable experience, inspiration and insights from top leaders. Also, you will benefit from networking with C-level experts and establishing important business contacts.

Hottest topics that will be discussed this annual

  • New Tech Trends that Will Impact 2022
  • Cyber Insights on Supply Chain Attacks
  • In Zero We Trust. The Current Stage
  • Possibilities and Benefits of 5G
  • The Integration of AI In Cybersecurity: New Insights
  • Remote and Hybrid Work. Solutions to Stay Secure
  • A Pandemic Era that Is Impacting the Cyber Security Sector
  • 2022 Predictions: New View on Cybersecurity Skills



Chief Information Security Officer


Cyber Resilience in A Post-Pandemic World

The recent global pandemic has forced organizations to revaluate what it actually means to be cyber resilient: the ability to prepare for, respond to, and recover from cyber threats. In many cases, security has noticeably taken a back seat to business continuity. Join me, as we explore some of the hard-earned lessons that Covid-19 has taught us when it comes to securing our workforce, balancing security and agility, and regaining trust.

• What Are the Key Steps Organizations Should Take to Prepare for Emerging Threats In 2022 And beyond?
• Lessons Learned: How Has Covid-19 Impacted Our Work
• Balancing Flexibility and Security
• The CISO Of the Home Office: On the Internet Complexities of Securing A Remote Workforce


Vice President - Risk Analytics, Rates Technology


Risk Analytics – Transformation Using

The presentation will cover interesting applications of Cloud & Machine Learning to solve risk compute problems in Banking.

• Market making – servicing clients
• Pricing and risk distributed compute
• Case study 1: Cloud for elastic compute
• Case study 2: Machine learning for optimization


Head of Trust & Safety, Africa


Securing Tech Adoption in Frontier Markets

FinTech, EdTech and Social Media are just a few examples of industries that are experiencing stronger penetration in frontier markets in Africa, LatAm or South Asia. One of the key success factors of these ventures includes successfully bridging cyber risks, often tight to user’s low digital literacy, and increasingly demanding regulatory environment for better safety, and the need to deliver business outcomes. In this talk, Adrien will be sharing his experience leading cybercrime and cybersecurity matters for Meta in the African region, working with cybercrimes agencies and law enforcement of 49 nations. He will also be making suggestions to better set up new and existing ventures for success while keeping their cyber risk posture low.


Chief Security Officer


Collaboration for Enhanced 5G Security and Resilience

Addressing risk in cyberspace in a 5G world is a shared responsibility among telecom owners and operators, suppliers, partners, standard bodies, and governments. Collaboration is essential to better assess and manage risk and promote resilience. There need to be consensus-based standards and best practice requirements, independent conformance, and testing protocols, with adequate visibility/transparency.

• Governments have great concerns over 5G security, and it requires joint efforts to build trust in the supply chain
• Security responsibilities are shared by different parties in the entire 5G network process, from equipment to network deployment, and O&M
• Apply the zero-trust principle to supply chain management, enabling carriers to better manage network risks
• Industry best practices should be followed in the E2E process from development to delivery
• Carriers formulate security baselines for network devices and applications and periodically perform security evaluation and hardening
• Supplier information security management systems should comply with industry best practices
• Carriers should have strict account management, access control regulations and processes, and continuously record network behavior for audit and analysis
• Suppliers should provide security and trustworthiness statements for products and services, and carriers should cooperate with multiple parties to supervise the implementation
• Using Zero Trust Concept, Carriers Can Better Manage Telecom Network Risks


Head of Security Engineering


Welcome to The Shift-Left Security Culture Journey!

Agile, DevOps or DevSecOps or SecDevOps, Site Reliability Engineering, and all the important frameworks and methodologies that IT can apply are just scratching the surface of the real shift-left culture. But what does it mean to have a real shift-left security culture? How to achieve it? This talk is about how the change could occur and what we did at TUI to start the journey. Welcome onboard!

• Early beginning
• Embarking on the journey
• Lessons learned
• Key takeaways and the future

I liked the distribution, variety of the topics and the quality of the presentations.

– Group Chief Information Security Officer, Commerzbank

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