Nicolas Grunder

Chief Counsel Digital & Data Privacy



The Evolving Landscape of Cyber Security Regulation

Cyber security regulation is evolving rapidly around the world. While there are commonalities, there are also divergences in approach. This presentation provides an overview of cyber security regulation and touches on complexities with a specific focus on IT/OT topics and the industrial internet of things.

Bullet points:

  • Landscape of existing and upcoming regulation, including the EU Network and Information Security Directive (NIS 2) and the draft EU Cyber Resilience Act (CRA)
  • Approaches to regulation
  • Complexities in an IT/OT environment

Andreas Haberlehner

Head of Sales Public & Healthcare/Leader Government Affairs & Public Policy Austria

Dell Technologies


Cybersecure Digitalization

Cybersecure Digitalization is the building block for Emerging technologies and Future of Work use cases – to drive innovations, improve productivity and create new customer experience.

Richey Ward

Threat Hunting & Response Director



Lessons Learned from the SOC Frontline: Why APT is not your biggest threat

Having investigated multiple APT campaigns across multiple industries, this speaker tends to disagree. In this talk we will discuss some hard truths if you’re a target to an APT campaign but more importantly what real threats actually occur on a daily basis but do not receive the same attention.

Bullet points:

  • APTs: Discussion of motivations, targets, techniques, difficulty of detection and intrusion prevention
  • Investigating an advanced intrusion from start to finish, its challenges, and strategies to eradicate
  • Discussing why other threats are more significant and damaging (Commodity Threat Actors, Insider Threat, etc)
  • Formulating a strategy to protect, detect and action said threats.

Martin Koeb

Head of Governance & Organisation, Group Information & Cyber Security

Raiffeisen Bank International AG


Avoiding Privacy Pitfalls in Contact Centres

To grow and thrive in a post-COVID world, swift digital transformations are vital. Contact centres have emerged as key central points for which organisations manage all customer interactions across various channels. However, consumers are becoming increasingly international about what types of data they share – and with whom. Such demand has led to the emergence of regulations such as the GDPR. We will present several pitfalls to avoid in order to mitigate risks as well as foster a trustworthy business advantage.

  • Change of customer behaviours
  • Mail problems arising due to privacy regulations across Europe
  • Common pitfalls when creating customer journeys & improving insights into customer behaviours: Over and under compliance.
  • What is the future outlook?